Best Paper Award: Yannick Sierra, "On Second – Order Fault Analysis Resistance for CRT – RSA Implementations" co-authored with Emmanuelle Dottax, Christophe Giraud and Matthieu Rivain
Best Student Paper Award: Saša Radomirović, "Algebraic Attacks on RFID Protocols" co-authored with Ton van Deursen
Most Innovative Technology-related Paper Award sponsors
Most Innovative Technology-related Paper Award: Juan Álvaro Muñoz Naranjo, "Key Management Schemes for Peer – to – Peer Multimedia Streaming Overlay Networks" co-authored with Juan Antonio López Ramos and Leocadio González Casado
Best poster award: (Hyoung-Kee Choi has left due to time constraints) "An Authentication Framework for Mobile RFID Systems" co-authored with Yi-Jin Im


  • Best workshop paper: 800€ 
  • Best student paper: 800€
  • Best innovative technology: 200€ + a gift
  • Best poster: a local product
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